6 quality attributes to consider when buying artificial grass

When it comes to buying artificial grass, quality and safety play an important role in the decision-making, and they should. The quality, amongst others determined by the fibers, production process and installation, have an immense impact on your satisfaction with the product.

Some quality differences between artificial grass brands are quite obvious, while others might be more hidden and only become visible after you have it installed. Even small details influence the performance of the turf. In this article we discuss the different quality attributes of artificial grass for both commercial and residential usage.

The look

A natural look should be a key consideration when choosing an artificial grass brand. The product should mimic real turf as good as possible to ensure that your garden won’t look like a cheap plastic space.  High quality grass should consist of fibers in different colors. This makes the grass looking more real.

The fibers

The fibers artificial grass is made of contribute to the overall look of the grass. They also determine how well a product is resistant to wear and tear effects. A high quality grass will have fibers that are resistant to bending and will easily stand up straight again. The brand we work with is Signature Turf. Signature Turf artificial grass is using the latest generation M-shape fibers. 

The backing

Regions with heavy rain require an efficient drainage system. While natural turf has this function practically built in, artificial grass requires a well-draining base. The backing of artificial grass is permeable, so when using a well-draining base, the water will be able to drain out fast and water ponding will be avoided. If the grass is installed on an impermeable surface like concrete, you can add a layer of drain cells so that the water can run off smoothly.


A natural good look, high quality fibers and an efficient drainage system are important. However, don’t ignore the safety of the product. For plastic toys there are very strict regulations about the level of concentration of heavy metals. For artificial grass this does not exist.

The good news is that Signature Turf artificial grass does not contain heavy metals. That’s quite unique compared to other brands. Signature Turf uses fibers that are guaranteed to be clean and safe.


A high quality brand will give you at least five years of warranty on their products. Signature Turf offers 8 years of warranty on UV stability in Malaysia. This ensures that your grass keeps its natural look, even years after it has been installed.  


To enjoy the full benefits of artificial grass, the right installation is very important. Whereas the quality of the grass and landscape design both contribute to a great end result, the right installation is what can make or break the final look. The installation of artificial grass is a specialist job. It requires precision, experience and critical decision-making

Conclusion: What should you pay attention to when buying artificial grass?

Inform yourself well before buying artificial grass. The difference in quality can make a big difference in how the end result will look and feel. Ask friends and family members who already might have installed artificial grass. Also ask for references from the company you intend to buy from. And finally, make sure you choose a well-established company which does not only sell the grass, but can take care of the installation as well.